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E-commerce websites are a common auto-parts marketplace. However, most buyers will admit they have received a dysfunctional or wrong part when making an online purchase. The rule is to consider the tips outlined in this extract to prevent disappointments as you buy auto parts online.  

Establish What You Need

Sometimes, the buyer is to blame for ordering the wrong parts. For example, suppose you need a sunroof for your vehicle; you will find different categories of equipment, including pop-up, sliding, panoramic and folding sunroofs. However, your car can only support some but not all of these options. You are likely to purchase the wrong sunroof if you have not established what equipment can fit in your vehicle. Therefore, before making an online purchase, determine the following; 

  • The number on the OEM part ensures an easy time establishing compatible parts.
  • The dimensions or schematics of the original part to determine which aftermarket parts are compatible with your vehicle.
  • Ask your mechanic about the compatibility of parts from badge-engineered cars. It ensures you have a wide range of parts to choose from.
  • Research on the performance of new and used parts to determine which option offers value for money. For instance, used body panels offer value for money compared to new panels. Nonetheless, this is not the case when purchasing engine components. 

You are responsible for ensuring the used part you purchase is in excellent condition. Therefore, ask the seller about the part's history and ask for numerous pictures to identify defects. Furthermore, check the part's mileage to determine whether it suits your long-term car maintenance needs. 

Vet the Seller

Vetting your preferred seller can help you avoid unscrupulous sellers. For instance, you could rely on sellers referred to you by your mechanic or car owners who regularly order their parts online. Alternatively, you could check the seller's online activity and reputation by evaluating the number of parts sold, returns, customer reviews, ratings and complaints. Some online sellers have certifications from car groups and auto manufacturers. These accreditations guarantee quality and exceptional services. 

Review the Sale Conditions

Finally, review the sale conditions. Start by ensuring the ordered part has a warranty. If it has, assess the return policy. For instance, who caters to the shipping charge? How long does it take to send the replacement part? Before adding the item to the cart, check whether the seller offers incentives such as discounts and coupons. When shipping from abroad, assess whether taxes are included in the quoted price. 

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