5 Car Parts You Can Buy in a Salvage Yard at an Affordable Price

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One of the best places to find quality and cheap car parts is at an auto wrecking yards. Yards take in wrecked, old or damaged cars and sell them for parts. They also buy used cars that the owners no longer need for. Thus, this makes them a goldmine when it comes to sourcing auto parts. Below are five parts you're bound to get if you go searching.

1. Exterior Body Parts

Not all cars in a salvage yard are totalled. There are old vehicles in excellent physical condition. From these, you can find body parts such as fenders, bumpers and doors. If you're lucky, you could also land on quality side mirrors and even indicators. Most of these are usually original parts; hence, they are of better quality than some aftermarket components on the market.

2. Brake Components

The braking system is expensive to replace. Thus, getting brake parts in an auto salvage yard would save you a lot of money. You can find quality brake pads, fluid lines, rotors, drums and other crucial components. Check brake pads for extensive wear and tear which may affect their performance. Inspect the fluid lines to look for signs of leaks. Feel the rotors for groves which indicate how much wear they have. 

3. Interior Parts

You can find various interior parts such as steering wheels, car electronics, AC parts, door locks, seats and even rearview and towing mirrors. Inspect the parts thoroughly to ensure they are in usable condition. If you're buying a steering wheel, ensure it is compatible with your vehicle model. For AC parts, you can get an auto expert to inspect the parts before purchase. Test the electronics as well to ensure they are working and in excellent state. 

4. Car Tyres

Vehicle tyres can last a long time; therefore, they are among the parts you can easily find in a salvage yard. They are also available at a lower price as compared to used ones in auto shops. When buying tyres, inspect them for any damage that is not fixable or is too costly to repair. Check the depth of the tread. Inspect the sides for any chips, cracks or wear rings.

5. Vehicle Battery

If you're lucky, you could also get a car battery in a salvage yard. An extra battery can come in handy during the winter months when car batteries tend to freeze up. However, before you buy, test it with a multimeter to make sure it's working. Also, check the battery size and terminal positioning and make sure they are compatible with your vehicle.

Speak with an auto parts supplier for more information. 

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