2 Factors That Will Influence Your Profit When Opting For Car Removal

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If your vehicle has steadily become decrepit and you are certain you can never sell it to a car buyer, you could be deliberating on selling it to a car removal company instead. While this will not translate into the same amount of money as you would get when you sell the car to someone who plans on driving it, it will definitely be much better than leaving it on your yard and not making any cent from it. A car removal company will assess your vehicle and proceed to give you an offer, and you can decide if that offer is worth the value that you think your car has. Before you decide that the offer is too low, this article helps you understand just a couple of the factors that will influence your profit when opting for car removal.

How much does your vehicle weigh?

Car removal companies, generally speaking, will be interested in cars that weight more since they are likely to get more quality scrap for heavier cars. Moreover, if your car has stalled for years on end, you do not have to worry about it not being collected by a removal company since it will still have components of value to them. You may also be thinking that your car may be on the lighter side, but you have components that are not in working condition but are intact, and this will make the car valuable. In truth, removal companies are more focused on scrap metal rather than intact components that do not work. However, whatever the weight of your car, you should have the removal company assess it first before deciding that you will not make any money for it.

How many parts are still functional?

Once the weight of the car has been determined, the car removal company will then focus on the components that are still in working condition. A majority of auto parts can be harvested, refurbished and recycled for other vehicles. Components such as bumpers, radio systems, engines, transmission systems and so on will be of high value to the car removal company. Therefore, if your car is not in working condition but a number of parts are functional, then you should expect to make a good amount of money from the car removal company. On the other hand, if the parts are not in functional condition and the scrap metal is not heavy enough, then you should expect your stalled car to fetch less money.

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