Should You Buy Used Replacement Auto Parts?

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When it's time to make repairs to your car or truck, you may wonder if you can afford all the new parts that are needed for that repair, or may wonder if new parts are worth the investment, versus used parts. While only you can decide the best option for your vehicle, you might note a few important considerations that can help you determine when used parts might be a good choice for your vehicle's upcoming repairs.

Age of vehicle

You may think that a newer car or truck should only have new replacement parts, but keep in mind that a newer car might not be as tough on its parts as an older car. A newer car may not yet have sediment built up in the oil reservoir tank or the reservoir that holds transmission fluid, so the engine and transmission don't run as rough as they would with older cars. The tie rods of a new car may also be in good shape, so they're properly aligned and won't put as much pressure on brakes and tyres. Used parts can then be a good choice even for these newer vehicles.

On the other hand, if you have an older vehicle, you might consider how long you plan to own it, and how long it may continue to be roadworthy. If the vehicle is severely rusted, for example, it may suffer very costly damage in the next few years, and you may not want to try to fix that damage, given the overall condition of the vehicle. In that case, used parts are good, since you don't want to invest in expensive new parts that may actually outlast the car itself!

Condition of parts

Don't assume that all used auto parts will automatically be worn down or unsafe, as their condition will depend on the age of the part, and on how it was used. For example, brake rotors for a lightweight sedan that was only driven on the highway may have lots of solid metal left to them, whereas rotors that were used on a truck that carried a heavy load, and which was driven in stop-and-go traffic, would be much more worn and damaged. If you do want to shop for used part, visit a scrap yard that allows you to examine them carefully before purchasing, and which strips them off the car itself, so you can ask about the original vehicle's overall condition and see if they would work for your auto repair needs.

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